Shooting for TV2 Norways Artistbenefit-event, with Dinamo Story as producers. Been to Nepal and Sierra Leone, and going to India next. These trips are far from any vacation, but I still feel very privileged to be able to work on this production. I cant say to much on how or with whom Im travelling, youll have to watch the show at the 5th of december 🙂 But it is incredibly exiting to see and meet people in these remote areas, places where you find few tourists. Im shooting with Canon 5d, the DSLR that has changed, in many ways, how I work. Im getting amazing results, and with the external Zoom H4N, im also getting good audio. Thanks to Philip Bloom for great insights and tips on the workflow. Im also editing the segments, and working towards the 5th. I might publish a guide on how I work, if I find the time. Stay tuned!