Skjermbilde 2010-05-04 kl. 17.30.41
DoP Pål Bugge Haagenrud operating the A-cam

As we wrapped 60 days of principal photography on the worlds first DSLR only drama shoot last friday, it has become clear (if you look at my webtraffic) that we have caused quite a stirr in the industry. TVBEurope picked up the story through this blog, and Eirik Helland Urke also did a nice piece on our production just before we wrapped. The two cameras never faulted once, through rain, snow, cold and heat. We did get one, one out of several thousands, corrupt file on the a-cam, put it was probably related to power down whilst recording. Everyone is really happy about how the cams performed on set, and we are eager to see what post production are able to do with the over 2000 slates!! (We got around 1320 on the clapper, but b-cam has been rolling for about 60-70% of the time.) Airing this fall on TV2 Norway. Heres the Facebooksite for fans

Web traffic isnt the only thing picking up speed.. Ive been doing several keynotes on my DSLR work lately, and now im expanding into workshops!. Philip Bloom beware! 🙂 Sadly, he is actually coming to Norway when Im on a shoot in China, would be really nice to meet and hear him speak. Tomorrow and thursday I will be doing a two-hours workshop at Interfoto, with all the DSLRs and equipment from Zacuto and Marshall present. Another series of workshops are in the pipeline for june.

Heres some more pics from the «Dags Universe» set. Next up: Equipment list for China! Ive been shopping… 🙂
Me and DoP Pål Bugge Haagenrud
Me and director Øystein Karlsen
Upsidedown car-rig!!
A slide from my keynote at Larvik
3 cams, 2x 1dmrkIV and 1x 7d
Delkin devices suctionmount rig. Amazing piece of hardware for under 100$ Mounted by Jo, AC
One of the last scenes we shot 🙂