I`ve done a series of trips around the globe lately on different small documentaries/segments for TV-shows in Norway. First up was Shanghai, with Dinamo Story as production company. Inovation Norway wanted to do a tv-show around the Norwegian Day at the World EXPO 2010, which is underway in Shanghai these days. For 20 days we shot segments for an hour special that aired at NRK the 26th of June. We were everywhere in this huge city, I even did a timelapse from the balcony of the Shanghai World Financial Centre. The highest place built by man where you can actually walk outdoors in the world (we were granted special permission, usually only cleaning staff gets access). Everything was produced on one 5d (with the new manual firmware) and a 1dmrkIV. I got 2 timelapsecontrollers, and did a number of «from day to night» timelapses which I will post here very soon. This city goes insane lightingwise after dark. Heres the opening sequence featuring the host, Kåre Magnus (the car sync was shot using the great Delkin Devices).

I did all sound onboard the 5d, using the Juicedlink DT454 (bought from B&H). This box, in combination with the 5ds manual sound setting, enabled me to function more or less solo, as any other videophotographer. There are some drawbacks. If youre planning on «the best sound possible» you need to lower the 5ds input level and increase the DT454 output. This works, but it leaves you no monitoring options over whats peaking inside the camera. Even tough, with a great sound post-production waiting back home (The Factory) I shot almost every talking sequence with this and a couple of lavs. Progress in the DSLR world!


I also used a Glidetrack, a piece of metal that you can place ontop of your tripod, enabling small tracking shots that wouldnt be possible to do otherwise (because of baggage restrictions and time). The great people over at Glidetrack made me a custom 75 cm version (which they now have made availiable for everyone I think). This fits juuuust inside my biggest suitcase. I also got super fast shipping, in the midst of the ash-chaos a couple of months back. Tip: Choose your framing wisely. To really get payoff for these small tracking shots, you need to have foreground objects close to the camera. Otherwise, little effect is noticeable.
After Shanghai, I went back to Sierra Leone, for the second time in 6 months. Again with the Artistgalla (a benefitshow), but this time to benefit Doctors Withouth Borders. Theyre running a field hospital outside Bo (south-east in the country), where mainly children and pregnant women are treated. Sierra Leone has the highest child and mother mortality rate in the world, so the need is great. Malaria, malnourishment and ceasarean sections are treated and performed. A rough week in a hot and humid environment, that has challenges few of us can imagine. And its still one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and this also goes for the people. Smiles and greetings everywhere!. I shot mostly on EX1 this time, because of the look we wanted (rougher, zooming, not to «pretty»), but I also shot alot on the 7d and the Tokina 11-16 for commercial and web spots. Airing on TV2 in december.

And directly from Sierra Leone, I went to Rwanda for The Norwegian Red Cross and their benefitshot Momarken. Norway has an amazing amount of these shows, if you look at how few people that actually live here, and every show need content from their projects. In Rwanda, the Red Cross is working in Butare in the south. The segment we did is focusing on the constant search and work to get water. Everywhere you looked, you saw people with yellow jerrycans on their, often long, way the get clean water. For Norwegians, this struggle is very hard to comprehend, as we have the cleanest tap water in the world. Hoping the segment will be able to raise more money for well-drilling and pumps. Directed by Magnus Rye and is airing at the 28th of august, TV2.

Now, vacation.. .)