Heres my latest invention. The 100% wind and weatherproof timelapsecasing for Canon 5dmrkII. Consists of several granite rocks and plastic bags from my local grocerystore.

During my almost 4 weeks of vacation in Norway and New York, I brought my 5d with me and shot timelapses. Since I started using the camera back in april of 2009, I never actually shot any stills. If I did, it was by accident when fooling around on top of the camera. Now I shoot several thousand stills on each trip, in search for the perfect «ever-changing» timelapse. I even brought this (quite heavy) thing on a 10 hour-long mountainhike, in an attempt to reach a 2300m high summit in the middle of Norway. We didnt make it, and we even failed on camera, the timelapse pointed towards our path and our stopping point is cleary visible 🙂

Returned to work to be able to shoot a opening sequence for a new TV show called «O Happy Day» starring one of Norways most famous stylists and hairdressers, Jan Thomas. Shot on the REDMX from Storyline Studios, we spent 2 days on location in and around Oslo. The theme was that Jan Thomas was to spread colors wherever he went. The grey and dull cityscape of Oslo was to be transformed into a colorful, happy place. We shot clean images of Jan Thomas walking by dull places and people reacting to him and the colors (nothing happened on set of course). The sequence is still in post over at Stripe, where lots of motion tracking and animation is needed to get the final result. Will post when ready!

This is a picture of my latest 5d configuration for highend work. It consists of a Marshall LCD70P (HDSDI), Blackmagic HDMI-SDI converter, Globalmediapro batteries, a custom made 12v regulator made by Terje Røkke, Redrock Mattebox, followfocus and rails, and a telepromter (!). Equipment from Kamerakameratene and Canon. I shot a Christmas-promo for Dinamo Story aimed towards the American tv-audience, featuring two big Norwegian names (will post when I have it). It was a «simple» setup with a single shot and actors talking into camera, but we used a lot of time on lighting and decoration.

Im doing a childrens Tv-series just before Christmas as cameraoperator on Arri – D21. Looking forward to it, allthough its going to be a challenge with restricted crew and lots of shooting to be done every day. But the D21 is an amazing camera, and in many was a «real» camera compared to what Im used to work on. Remains to be seen if the images are that much better too 🙂

I also have a dark side. Reality-TV. You need two things do to it properly. An easyrig and a talented soundie. On this gig I have both 🙂 Shooting for DInamo Storys «Nummer EN» football reality-series starts in september.  Shooting on Sony 700 XDCAM HD.