Acam: D21 with Optimo 24-290 Zoom and wireless Focus and Zoom from Arri: Bcam: D21 with Optimo 17-80.

I just finished shooting my first week as camera operator on the very popular Norwegian children show “Captain Sabletooth” (plans to go international soon). I’m shooting again with DoP Paul Haagenrud, but this time the cameras are slightly heavier than the DSLRs of “Dag”

Two Arri d21s, each with their Optimo Zoom (24-290&17-80) is a very heavy setup, and if anyone is doing anything with these lumps of metal handheld, I’d like to meet them 🙂 But it’s great fun, and it feels very cinematography to operate them. Not used to an optical viewfinder, fun to be able to learn how to use one. Recording is done on two Aja KiPros in ProResHQ 442

The a-cam on a Technocrane 30ft from

A second unit has spent this week shooting extra footage with a 1D and my brand new Smallhd DP6SDI. When compared on a 20inch Cinema Display it’s very difficult to tell the two cameras apart on most of the shots. Amazing (and scary I guess for Arri) given their price and wheight (!) difference.

1d with SmallHDs DP6SDI, powered from a vlock batteri using their d-tap connector. And look, finally fullscreen DSLR recording!

Getting some new DSLR equipment next week (Jag35 Straight Rig) looking forward to test that.