Im always interested in new cameras, especially the “underdog”class, HDSLR, VDSLR, whateverSLRs. Theyre not supposed to be good, but they are. The GH2 is especially interesting for me, because Im scheduled to do a production on the Panasonic AF101 in January. That camera features the same sensor and even (!) the same codec (AVCHD) as the GH2. In sunny Bergen I took if for a ride up Fløibanen, for a spectacular view over the city. I only had the stock lens 14-42mm with me, and no ND, so this became a high aperture/highlight test. Most of the shots I exposed around f12-f22!, with ISO 160 and shutter 50. I was in the “Creative cinema” mode (supposed to be highest bitrate, but only 24p sadly). Hoping do more tests soon, using a EOS Lens adapter and my SmallHD DP6SDI. Uploaded it in 1920×1080, so watch it in fullscreen and HD!

Alot less moire than Canons DSLRs
Little to none rolling shutter issues (What do you think?)
Amazing IS in the body of the camera
Great sensor crop mode, for closeups when you really need them. The 4 birdshots were all shot at 42mm, with the sensor crop mode on, handheld! (which translates into something like 200mm+? someone else do the math 🙂

Poor codec (but this is OK in this pricerange, not AF101s pricerange)
Awkward menu. I thought I disabled the continious AF, but there was a separate movie setting for it..
Not great stock lens. Why does every manufacturer issue poor lenses as default? I understand that they want to sell the better ones seperate, but making everyone take boring pics doesnt inspire people to take photos. An evil circle..