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In November I was asked to join director Geir Fredriksen in an attempt to capture the places where this years Norwegian Eurovision tour visits in a music video. We came up with a little different way of doing it, in contrast to the usual beautyshots approach we had seen before. Inspired by this beautiful Norwegian musicvideo and Philip Blooms classic “people looking into camera” series, we started about compiling a wishlist to the local organizers of the events. We wanted to see the beautiful places, the strange places, the champions, the everyday heroes, in short; everything.. We had less than 2 days in each town, so the amount of locations and places to visit made it clear that the shooting was going to be pretty hectic. First off were the west-coast town of Florø, where we probably visited more than 30 sites in less than 24 hours. We also did a fantastic 5 hour helicopter run of the most scenic landscape in Norway. Thanks RNoAF 330 Squadron for that! This film will air next saturday.

Grading at Shortcut with Dylan Hopkin

This saturday, the film from Ørland will air on NRK. In the other hosts cities, I was joined by Magnus Rye as second camera and co-director, and together we visited the other 3 host cities in a exhausting week of shooting. In the editing, alot of effort went into finding the right song to each film. They had to have the right feel, the right refrain, the right lenght, tempo and sound. Not an easy task, but we found 4 great Norwegian (which makes it possible to use “free” on NRK) tracks in the end. Grading was done at Shortcut with Dylan Hopkin. The actual broadcast is sadly still in SD, but im uploading the films in HD to Vimeo, for everyone to watch! Its been a great project, especially with all the fantastic feedback from the public. Each MGP show has over 60% of the TV marketshare in Norway!