Its becoming somewhat of a tradition, for me and director Magnus Rye to make Norways leading musicfestival`s promotional film. In 2009 we did the first commercial in Norway shot on 5d. Last year I couldnt join due to other work, but Magnus and DoP Audun Magnæs did an amazing slowmotion bonanza.

We decided to stick with a couple of winning factors. RED, 120 fps and the animal masks (Mostly due to the mexican wrestling masks never made it in time from the US :/). Pretty soon a couple of ideas started to form, and we made a storyboard.

As you can see, I cant draw properly. At all. Also, not all of these shots made it into shooting, or even into the edit. One of the most difficult aspects of shooting 120 fps for a 40 second spot, is timing. Each picture, or frame even, has to have “an inner momentum”. Something that drives the sequence forward, that intercut well with the other, also short, pictures around it, and most importantly, it has to tell something understandable. The pace of the finished edit is also something that very much decides this. We knew we were going for a hectic pace (Inspired by Justices newly released “Civilization”. That tune was also the temp-music for the edit). For instance, theres about 10 frames showing the fox kicking up the door on the rooftop, a shot we used alot of takes to do compact enough. Heres a couple of frames for the production


Scouting on a rooftop near Middelalderparken, Oslo

Thanks to Magnus Owe and Jørgen Werner for the behind the scenes shots!

We went into co-operation with the vfx company called Øyedrops in Oslo. They took care of the entire post process, after Magnus edited the offline (watch it here: oya2011_offline_hkarlsen) in ProRes in FCP. Øyedrops used After Effects from everything from grading to particle generation. Tracking was done in ptrack (?)

Its been really fun as always working with Øya as a client. We get full creative freedom, and its a great opportunity for me and Magnus to showcase some visual ideas, and when we get so many talented people onboard aswell (all working for a full week-pass to Øya2011 only!), we can make things like this come to life!

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