Big shoot scheduled to premiere in january

Its been quite a while since last update. If I tried to make any money of this blog, I would be in deep trouble. November – december has been crazy busy, as the traditional Eurovision/Nobel productions clash together. Ive also done some commercials this year, making the schedule into christmas pretty unhealty. Blogging is therefore not my top priority. I cant imagine how some of the top DoP/Bloggers can keep it up.

Three of the four boys (girls, whatever) I used to shoot Nobel. Norways first c500!

I got my hands on the very first c500 (Thanks to in Norway during the Nobel production. Sadly I didnt have the time to use any external recorders, but I really didnt need any for this job. It was supposed to intercut with three other c300s. I can however confirm that the c500 has somewhat of a fan issue in 4k (if you record with sound). It wasnt a problem in HD, as the fans only started when in 4k mode. A great little test, and together with the Cinema Prime 50mm it shot great twoshots during a very important interview.

Hoping to do some more detailed blogs about several shoots scheduled for this year. Stay tuned!