I just realized my last blogpost was titled “2012 done”, so I guess its time for 2013. I have actually been doing some reviews on my reviewpage, but not really talking about what I have been doing. 2012 have for the most part been about one show. “Det Tredje Øyet” (The Third Eye) is a episodic crime-drama about a cop who has lost his daughter 5 years ago, and continues his search in his daily work as an investigator. I did 6 episodes (!), and my fellow DoP and friend Pål Bugge Haagenrud did 4. I acted as his B-operator on his episodes as well, giving me a soft start on the DoP duties. This had me working from february well into september, 105 principal photography days. Its airing on TV2 (Norways biggest commercial channel) in march, 10 one hour episodes. It was shot on 2x C300s using Canon Primes and Zooms.

The show was set look-and-feel wise by director Trygve (Trig) Allister Diesen and DoP Pål Bugge Haagenrud. Their palette of colors and hot/amber daylight exteriors is quite unique in our day of “Nordic Noir”, something truly different. When my time as DoP came, I was very lucky to be able to work with another incredible director. Gunnar Vikene has done features such as “Himmelfall” and “Vegas”, as well as hundreds of commercials world wide. Beeing able to cooperate with him and watch how he works with the script, his actors and blocking was better than any film school out there. We shot between 5-8 pages a day (mostly somewhere in between) so time was always an issue. Thats where experience kicks in, separating whats important from the rest. We were also very much in sync with our reference series and films, beeing influenced by great shows like “Boss” and “House of Cards”.


Our episodes came at a point where the characters and story was established. The path was laid, and we could evolve the look and feel of things as the main character struggles with his investigation. We became a bit more handheld and up-close, and in the grade we are giving some scenes a dirtier/greener punch. We were again able to get colorist Dylan Hopkin at Shortcut Studios, which me and Pål have been working with for the last 4 years. Its such an advantage having someone you trust in the grading room, as time is short here as well.


Ive also done several NGO films this year as well. I have been fortunate enough to travel with Plan, Sos-Children Villages and Red Cross, through my cooperation with Sherpafilm. The Plan films from Equador can be seen here. They were shot in 4k with Canon 1dc and mastered in HD. The Sos Children Villages film was shot in Zimbabwe with c300 and 5dmrk3. The Red Cross film was shot in Madegascar on c300. Lots of travelling and lots of very different sights to see.

The year ended as it has done the last couple of years, with an intense couple of days shooting for the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. Its truly an honour beeing able to do this high profile shoot for Eyeworks Dinamo, and its lots of fun putting together a high paced schedule in the weeks ahead. I was able to bring in a great crew, and together we pulled of fast company moves and same-day-edits. Shot on 3x c300 and graded by Jonas Nærstad at boombay.no.

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