Showreel 2014 – Håvar Karlsen from Håvar Karlsen on Vimeo.

My cinematography showreel for 2014, based on following productions

“Det Tredje Øyet” Copyright Rubicon/Shine/TV2 Norway 2013
“Melodi Grand Prix 2012” Eyeworks Dinamo/NRK 2013
“Spellemannsprisen 2013” Eyeworks Dinamo/NRK 2013
“Øyafestivalen” Øyafestivalen 2012
“Pilot” for Monster Scripted 2014
“Commercial for HAA Handbags” HAA 2014
“Stemmerettsjubileet 2013” Sherpafilm/The Government of Norway 2013

Directors: Gunnar Vikene, Magnus Rye, Geir Fredriksen, Truels Zeiner-Henriksen, Are Valle Skjelvan
Colorist: Mostly Dylan Hopkin
Editor: Myself
Music: “Barracuda” from The Music Bed

Cameras used: C300 with Canon EF optics. Canon 5d MRK3. Red Epic.

Thanks to all the actors, crew and producers who makes this possible. A special thanks to Pål Bugge Haagenrud, who got me started in scripted work, and continues to be a great partner and friend.