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Nikon D800

Disclaimer: This blogpost is based on a sponsored Nikon event  Even though Nikon started the whole DSLR video thing, they have not really mastered the technology up until now. The Canon 5d, released some months after Nikons D90 2008 release, had much better video performance and got established as a true game changer. And the game has changed. Every pro DSLR is now expected to feature pro video, and the recently released D800 is made with the intent of taking on the Canoninzed videomarket. As some may know I am a Canon shooter, owning 5Ds and lots of lenses. But I still think its important…

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A day with the C300

Testshoot in snowy Oslo Me and fellow DoP Pål Bugge Haagenrud got the opportunity yesterday to check out the newest addition to the post-DSLR camera market. The C300 was announced last December in Hollywood (!), targeting the pro/cinema market, with a pro/cinema pricetag. In this review, I will give a short write up on my impressions technically, and also share my thoughts on where this cam positions itself in the market. I only had a couple of hours shooting with it. Handling The C300 is a perfect handheld camera. You can control all important settings from you right hand (the handgrip, taken from RED?) and…

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Testing the new Sony FS100E

I was recently so lucky to be able to try Sonys new competitor in the big chip camcorder market. And, its new in a lot of ways. Its basicly a brick. A brick with all the important buttons and switches we long for on our DSLRs. It might be odd out of the box, but with all those Redrock/Zacuto/Jag35/Genus rigs (the list goes on and) out there, everyone can handheld this thing their way. On a tripod, its ergonomics is in my opinion excellent. You have the bright, high res screen angled perfectly at you while standing, and all important functions is either on top of…

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Testing the new Panasonic GH2

Im always interested in new cameras, especially the "underdog"class, HDSLR, VDSLR, whateverSLRs. Theyre not supposed to be good, but they are. The GH2 is especially interesting for me, because Im scheduled to do a production on the Panasonic AF101 in January. That camera features the same sensor and even (!) the same codec (AVCHD) as the GH2. In sunny Bergen I took if for a ride up Fløibanen, for a spectacular view over the city. I only had the stock lens 14-42mm with me, and no ND, so this became a high aperture/highlight test. Most of the shots I exposed around f12-f22!, with ISO 160…

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