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Two shows within 3 months..

Ive just finished a very busy period of shooting two comedy-dramas back to back. One political comedy, and one viking comedy. They could not have been more different in look and feel, both great challenges on a limited budget and time. "Folkevalgt" was shot on Arri Amira using Super Speed lenses, and "Vikingane" was shot on sometimes 4 (!) Red Dragon, using Ultra Primes. Lots of talented crew joining me to make all of this possible, will post in greater detail when the time comes.

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A marathon

A graded still, a part of a ongoing looktest from Dylan Hopkin Its been almost a year since last update, and for good reasons. I have just completed shooting the second season of TV2 Norways "Det Tredje Øyet". An episodic crime-drama about a policeman who has lost his daughter (last season) and is now trying to continue his life as a detective. Lots of great action this season, and also a great new set of characters. Ive been fortunate enough to do 7 episodes, 1-5 and 9 and 10 with Gunnar Vikene as director. We have continued our handheld/documentary-style approache, whith a few additions. Documentary…

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Official Canon Norway Photographer

Today it was announced that I am one of 7 official photographers for Canon Norway in 2014. I have been collaborating with Canon Norway for several years, starting with the now famous 5d mrk II in 2009. Its such a special honour being recognized by the actual people who manufacture the equipment I use. A thanks goes out to Kjell Arntzen, Ole Bjørn Johnsen, Anders Leersbryggen and Trond Sliper and all the others whom have been helping me out during the years. I am looking forward to continue our work together, and also to be able to give speeches and lectures at different venues throughout…

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2013 done

I just realized my last blogpost was titled "2012 done", so I guess its time for 2013. I have actually been doing some reviews on my reviewpage, but not really talking about what I have been doing. 2012 have for the most part been about one show. "Det Tredje Øyet" (The Third Eye) is a episodic crime-drama about a cop who has lost his daughter 5 years ago, and continues his search in his daily work as an investigator. I did 6 episodes (!), and my fellow DoP and friend Pål Bugge Haagenrud did 4. I acted as his B-operator on his episodes as well, giving…

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