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Tag: 2011

Showreel 2012

[iframe:src="" width="750" height="422" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe] My latest showreel. Consists of some of the documentary and feature work I have done between 2009-2012. The fact that I haven't been able to make a showreel for the last three years, is a testament to the amount of work I have had. Ive been incredibly fortunate, been able to travel all over the world and to work with some of the best people in Norway and elsewhere. If someone told me this  in 2008/2009 (I was straight out of school, and the financial crisis was just starting!), I would say that they were a bit too…

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Øyafestivalen 2009-2012

Promos for 2012 Øyafestivalen 2012 - Unicorn from Håvar Karlsen on Vimeo. Øyafestivalen 2012 - Wolves from Håvar Karlsen on Vimeo. Promos for 2011 Øyafestivalen Commercial 2011 from Håvar Karlsen on Vimeo. Promos for 2009 PROMO - Øyafestivalen - PART 3 from Håvar Karlsen on Vimeo. PROMO - Øyafestivalen - PART 2 from Håvar Karlsen on Vimeo. PROMO - Øyafestivalen - PART 1 from Håvar Karlsen on Vimeo.

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Musicvideo for Norwegian Eurovision (updated)

ØRLANDET [iframe: src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="750" height="422" frameborder="0"></iframe] FLORØ [iframe: src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="750" height="422" frameborder="0"></iframe] SKIEN [iframe: src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="750" height="422" frameborder="0"></iframe] SARPSBORG [iframe: src=";byline=0&amp;portrait=0" width="750" height="422" frameborder="0"></iframe] In November I was asked to join director Geir Fredriksen in an attempt to capture the places where this years Norwegian Eurovision tour visits in a music video. We came up with a little different way of doing it, in contrast to the usual beautyshots approach we had seen before. Inspired by this beautiful Norwegian musicvideo and Philip Blooms classic "people looking into camera" series, we started about compiling a wishlist to the local organizers of the events. We wanted to…

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