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Pictures from set

Shooting is going ahead as planned in Oslo. Its quite an experience, not only because we are shooting on DSLRs, but its also the most crazy script ever done in Norway, I believe. Some of the most insane scenes I have shot! Norwegians should look forward to this :) Adding some pictures from a day using Technocrane fromMoviebird Norway. Photocredits: DoP Pål Bugge Haagenrud (fnf) Focuspuller Anders Leegaard adjusting Redrock Mattebox Key Grip Morten Magnussen Canon 1d mark IV with Redrock Mattebox, Scorpio Remote Focus, Marshall LCD70P SDI, Blackmagic HDMI-SDI converter Focuspuller Anders Legaard, Moviebird Technician Terje Røkke, Key Grip Morten Magnussen

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Working with DSLR-video

Since I started working with HD-DSLR back in april 09, Ive relied upon several websites and videogurus for my workflow setup. Cinema5d, Planet5d, Philipbloom, dvxuser,Vincent Laforet and dvinfo have all been fantastic sources of information. During the last year, Ive used information gathered from these sites on all of my payed and non-payed jobs. Its really fantastic how willing people are to share information. Thinking about it, trade secrets that in other businesses are guarded heavily, are shared willingly in the video/film world. Its great, and I think its time for me to show what im doing with that info right now. Since the start…

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