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Cinematography Showreel 2017

Håvar Karlsen / Cinematography Showreel 2017 from Håvar Karlsen on Vimeo.     Updated showreel with sequences from "Grenseland" and "Folkevalgt" added.  Scripted work only. Productions: "Grenseland" - TV2/Netflix by Monster Scipted "Det Tredje Øyet " - Season 2 - TV2 by Rubicon "Folkevalgt" - TV2 by Monster Scripted "Underholdningsavdelingen" -Season 3 - NRK "Norsemen/Vikingane" - Season 1 - NRK/Netflix by Viafilm Music: "Whole" - Blake Ewing Thanks to all the directors, actors, crew and producers, and to the many talented camera crews in Norway

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Season 2 with 1d Mark IV

A little over a year ago, we wrapped the first TV-series in the world shooting only on DSLRs (read more about it here and here ). A lot of research went into how to make these cameras work in a feature production pipeline. In the end, we were really happy with the results, and the audience loved it. So much so that we were nominated for 8 Gullruten (Norways Emmy), and both Anders and Tuva won. Now, DoP Pål Bugge Haagenrud and myself are shooting the second season. For those of you who follow my blog, you can see that there hasnt been too many…

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