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Cinematography showreel / 2014-2016

Håvar Karlsen / Cinematography Showreel 2014-2016 from Håvar Karlsen on Vimeo. Scripted work only. Productions: "Lilyhammer" - Season 3 - NRK/Netflix/Rubicon "Det Tredje Øyet " - Season 2 - TV2/Rubicon "Norsemen/Vikingane" - Season 1 - NRK/Viafilm "Underholdningsavdelingen" Season 3 - NRK "Dag" (drone shots) - Season 4 - TV2/Viafilm Shot on C500, Arri Alexa and RED Dragon Graded by Dylan Hopkin Thanks to all the directors and producers, and to the many talented camera departments in Norway

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Norsemen (Vikingane) Season 1

6x30 episode of comedy-drama. Set in 890, its a show in a "Game of Thrones" setting, but with a "Monty Python-esque" script. Shot on up to 4x Red Dragon in 5kHD on Ultraprimes. Shot in both Norwegian and English, English version now on Netflix See excerpts from the show in my new showreel Watch the entire season here Norwegian (Norway only as of now) Norsemen

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Cinematography showreel 2014

Showreel 2014 - Håvar Karlsen from Håvar Karlsen on Vimeo. My cinematography showreel for 2014, based on following productions "Det Tredje Øyet" Copyright Rubicon/Shine/TV2 Norway 2013 "Melodi Grand Prix 2012" Eyeworks Dinamo/NRK 2013 "Spellemannsprisen 2013" Eyeworks Dinamo/NRK 2013 "Øyafestivalen" Øyafestivalen 2012 "Pilot" for Monster Scripted 2014 "Commercial for HAA Handbags" HAA 2014 "Stemmerettsjubileet 2013" Sherpafilm/The Government of Norway 2013 Directors: Gunnar Vikene, Magnus Rye, Geir Fredriksen, Truels Zeiner-Henriksen, Are Valle Skjelvan Colorist: Mostly Dylan Hopkin Editor: Myself Music: "Barracuda" from The Music Bed Cameras used: C300 with Canon EF optics. Canon 5d MRK3. Red Epic. Thanks to all the actors, crew and producers who…

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Official Canon Norway Photographer

Today it was announced that I am one of 7 official photographers for Canon Norway in 2014. I have been collaborating with Canon Norway for several years, starting with the now famous 5d mrk II in 2009. Its such a special honour being recognized by the actual people who manufacture the equipment I use. A thanks goes out to Kjell Arntzen, Ole Bjørn Johnsen, Anders Leersbryggen and Trond Sliper and all the others whom have been helping me out during the years. I am looking forward to continue our work together, and also to be able to give speeches and lectures at different venues throughout…

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