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The Workz!

A screenshot from my vimeo account used for client feedback. Something big is in the works... Havn`t posted anything useful lately, due to major projects ahead. Heres a short list of my activities before Christmas. No bragging, just to let people know I won't be answering my phone anytime soon. - Shooting and editing 24 segments for Norwegian Eurovision - Shooting a major opening sequence for a huge TV - show - Shooting a opening sequence for another huge TV-show - Travel to Afghanistan, Dubai and Asjerbasjan shooting VTs for different TV shows - Shoot VTs for Nobel Peace Price concert. Sorry, got to go!

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Testing the new Sony FS100E

I was recently so lucky to be able to try Sonys new competitor in the big chip camcorder market. And, its new in a lot of ways. Its basicly a brick. A brick with all the important buttons and switches we long for on our DSLRs. It might be odd out of the box, but with all those Redrock/Zacuto/Jag35/Genus rigs (the list goes on and) out there, everyone can handheld this thing their way. On a tripod, its ergonomics is in my opinion excellent. You have the bright, high res screen angled perfectly at you while standing, and all important functions is either on top of…

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Season 2 with 1d Mark IV

A little over a year ago, we wrapped the first TV-series in the world shooting only on DSLRs (read more about it here and here ). A lot of research went into how to make these cameras work in a feature production pipeline. In the end, we were really happy with the results, and the audience loved it. So much so that we were nominated for 8 Gullruten (Norways Emmy), and both Anders and Tuva won. Now, DoP Pål Bugge Haagenrud and myself are shooting the second season. For those of you who follow my blog, you can see that there hasnt been too many…

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Working with the Tyler Mini Gyro

Im right in the middle of a really big project with Dinamo&NRK, doing the intros for this years National Eurovision finals. One of the VTs will be an introduction to each city. I cant say to much about the content yet, but its turning out to be a modern and exciting little piece from each area.  A work still in progress, just returned from Orlandet (near Trondheim) yesterday, so two more cities to go. Will post when allowed! In each city, were doing an aerial tour over the biggest sight, and for this Im using the trusty 1dMRKIV (which we used on "Dag", a episodic…

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