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Cinematography Showreel 2017

Håvar Karlsen / Cinematography Showreel 2017 from Håvar Karlsen on Vimeo.     Updated showreel with sequences from "Grenseland" and "Folkevalgt" added.  Scripted work only. Productions: "Grenseland" - TV2/Netflix by Monster Scipted "Det Tredje Øyet " - Season 2 - TV2 by Rubicon "Folkevalgt" - TV2 by Monster Scripted "Underholdningsavdelingen" -Season 3 - NRK "Norsemen/Vikingane" - Season 1 - NRK/Netflix by Viafilm Music: "Whole" - Blake Ewing Thanks to all the directors, actors, crew and producers, and to the many talented camera crews in Norway

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